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Did you catch a Pike ... or one of the Pickerels? Just asking, as the size (2 pounds) could be anything. We get three types of Pickerel here. The Redfin and the Grass Pickerels only get up to about 15 inches long ... and that would be close to record size. The Chain Pickerel can reach sizes over 30 inches. Anyway, just curious.

Catching a different fish, cast after cast, is one of the things that keeps me fishing fresh, warm water.

I always thought that Redfin and grass pickerel were the same fish! Huh I guess you learn something new everyday!

I would get chain pickerel to hit almost anything I could throw for bass, even a rather large rubber snake lure, but I never could get a strike from it's smaller cousins, even when I was trying.

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"The two subspecies are very similar, but the grass pickerel lacks the redfin's distinctive orange to red fin coloration, its fins having dark leading edges and amber to dusky coloration. In addition, the light areas between the dark bands are generally wider on the grass pickerel and narrower on the redfin pickerel. These pickerels grow to a maximum overall length of 40 cm (16 in) and a maximum weight of 2.25 pounds."


The same article says the Grass is only located as far east as Mississippi, and the Redfin is the only one in Florida. So, I might be mistaken when I say we have both of those small pickerels. I've caught Redfins, many times, while fishing for sunfish. I thought I'd caught the darker (no red/orange fins) cousin, too ... but maybe not.

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