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Fly Tying

Crappie jigs...Yes I know they are not flies...

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Guest rich mc

kind of a cross between a fly and road runner check out the fly sonic boom its at wwwoffthedeepedge.com great for crappie rich mc

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add, first off, this is only me and my opin, which is free and worth every penny. One nice way to get a good looking palmered hackle on jigs or buggers is to tie a wire in at back with chenille. Wind thread and chenille forward, leaving wire. Tie the stem of your hackle in at the front of chenille with hackle facing so curve will be to back. Some try to say shiny side dull side but I can't figure that one out on dyed feathers.


Then palmer the hackle to rear of fly, pulling each rap so feathers slope toward rear. When you get to back of fly use the wire to tie in the tip of the hackle good and counterwrap the wire to front so it locks in each wrap of hackle. As you wrap wire wiggle it as you go so as not to tie down any of the hackle.


Like any description, it can sound tricky but it's very easy to do once you catch on and makes a nice taper to rear of fly and locks it together well.



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