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Rockworm's flies arrived today. I will get them boxed and photographed the next couple of days and ship them off to CFR. As always when I receive the tax letter from CFR I will post a copy on this page. My continued thanks to all the tiers who have supported this project the last 5 years. I hope to see many of you again next year. Tight Lines and Heavy Nets to all.


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Here are the photos of the flies for CFR. They are boxed and will go in the mail tomorrow morning. Once again thank you to all who have donated. Picture six is all the extras that were sent along with the set for the fly box. I am sure that they will find a good use for them. I will post a copy of their donation letter as soon as I receive it.

Tight Lines to Everyone,

Fishing Bob







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FYI I got the following email from CFR today:


Hello Bob!


Just wanted to let you know that the flies have arrived safe and sound. They are incredible!!!!


I sent out an email to one of our October retreats to ask if they would like them and they sent back a resounding yes! So please let you fly tying forum know that they will be given to the participants of our Kentucky/South Indiana retreat.


Thanks for your continued support of CfR and our participants!








Wendy Gawlik

Executive Assistant

Casting for Recovery

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