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a body like daddies, and wings too please

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hi guys,

im pretty new to the forum and to tying. I am looking to tie up some daddies/craneflys/dragonflies/mayflies ... I like the idea of a foam body but cant seem to find a template or shape cutter. I have wing cutters bit they are not for bigger wings... I am in Scotland (coz I know a load of you guys are in the USA).

Any advise as to what, where, and how to get a body shape cutter and wing cutters to suit?


Lucky Jim

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I don't tie dragonflies very often, but have used the same idea as some of the foam bodied Stonefly & hopper flies are tied with.

Don't need a cutter, just strips of foam. http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/fotw/051500fotw.php


BTW, one reason I don't tie them is they can be a pain to cast. The wings tend to make them spin & twist up the tippet. When I have tied dragonflies I've used poly yarn for the wings.


But, River Road Creations has cutters for that style. http://www.riverroadcreations.com/damseldragon.htm


However, not sure about what it would cost you for shipment to Scotland.

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Hi Jim,


For the flies you list you don't need body cutters. Mostly those bodies are made from strips of foam cut from a sheet, either straight or tapered. Barry Ord Clark has a superb SbS here for a crane fly. The technique of forming the body he uses can be used for any of the flies you mentioned just by altering the size and colour.


Where in Scotland are you? If you are close to me I'll gladly go through the tying of these with you.



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