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Fly Tying

Clouser/Half N' Half Variant Swap

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It's been a while since I have hosted one and decided to do something a little different. Several months ago there was a thread in which Tidewater posted some incredible clouser style flies with a variety of materials (sorry I can't find a link to it). In any case, it showed that the possibilities are endless for clouser style flies. So this swap will be for variants of a clouser or half n' half. In other words, not simple buck tail clousers or hackled half n half, but the materials must vary. You can use buck tail, but only in conjunction with other materials. For instance, you could use buck tail for the under wing but wooly mammoth fur for the over wing. Similarly, you can vary the materials for the tail and wing of the half n half. Since the object of this swap is to be creative, I am also going to say no foxy red clousers either. Try to think outside of the box. Flies can be any size, fresh or saltwater. They can use materials that are synthetic, natural, or any combination of the two. International swappers welcome. I would like to get 12 swappers plus myself, so each ties 12 and doesn't get their own back. Regular swap rules apply. I'll set a firm due date once it fills up but it will be towards the end of February, which should give everyone plenty of time.







1. joseph russell - RECEIVED

2. tidewaterfly

3. rich mc - mad clouser variant - RECEIVED

4. add147 - RECEIVED

5. Horseshoes - RECEIVED

6. trez - RECEIVED

7. michaelray - rubber legged clouser - RECEIVED

8. essequamvideri - RECEIVED



11. eugward - RECEIVED

12. Backyardhunter3006 - RECEIVED

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Thanks for joining everyone, should be a good one. I'm really glad you joined Tidewater since you were the inspiration for the swapbiggrin.png .

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welcome aboard Michael. Anyone with a cool Latin screen name is always welcome in my swapswink.png

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I would like to join if I can ...... this looks like something I can do and use.

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