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Fly Tying
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Microjig Nymphs

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I just started tying some about a month ago. Haven't had much stream time with them due to it being winter but I am looking forward to the spring. One thing I have done is tie up some that are pretty sparse to they sink more quickly. Others are fuller, and meatier for areas where I don't need to get down as quickly. Do you have a hook you like?



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Well yes and no! Yes I do tie them, when it is what the customer demands. I do not use jig hooks myself. I do fish flies in the same way that jig hooks fish. This may take a little explaining.


Here is an example of the kind of fly I fish as a jig. This example is tied on a #18 All purpose light barbless hook with a 2mm bead.


The important thing to notice is the small gap where the head of the fly would normally be. This is there to accommodate a turle knot. Here is the same fly tied with the turle knot. However it is tied on "wrong".


The deliberate mistake is to go through the eye the wrong way when tying the knot. The fly is then held in the same attitude that a jig hook fishes.

This means I can fish these flies normally or as jigs. That means only half the number of flies to tie and carry, to achieve the same result. Also saves the expense of yet more hooks. I have never seen jig hooks in what I would call "micro" sizes. They may exist, but none of my suppliers have them smaller than size 16. Size 16 is mid size for standard nymphs for me. I would only consider size 20 or smaller to be "micro" nymphs. (I tied that one on an 18 for photographic purposes, though I will probably use it).



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