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Help with posting thumbnails

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I never used to have to do anything to my pictures and it's the same camera and I'm putting them in the same "Pictures" folder on the computer. I don't know what has changed?

Two things might be happening.

1) Many cameras have an option of how large a picture they capture. If you changed that, intentionally or otherwise, then you might be saving larger photos. Check your camera settings for picture resolution or type.

2) The new computer might be saving the pictures in a different format than the old one did. On my computer, some pictures save as JPEG, others as J-PEG, and other as JPE (no "G"). All three are different formats, and have different pixel counts for the exact same picture, visually.


Resizing the pictures should allow you to post them, no matter the format.


Post #5 on this thread, for resizing using MSPaint ...



PS ... FRn ... Did you also misspell "Calamity" or did you mean to write "Calumny"?

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