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Steelhead Swap

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*Swap is Full*


I spend most of my time fishing the tribs of Lake Erie and with another spring steelhead run kicking off soon I thought it would be a fun to do this swap. Normal swap rules apply. Stamped return envelope included in package. First 12 to reply with Im in. I will set the date when the swap fills up. Hoping for a little more than the standard egg pattern, lets make this fun and get creative. Send your best 12 flies. I included the 7 individuals who said they would want in on this swap in my other post. Let me know if you guys are still interested in the next few days.


SM. Psycoprince Due Date: April 1st.

1. Chromez - Bunny Leech - recieved

2. Byron Anderson - Wicked Leech of the Midwest - dropped out

3. fishingbobnelson - Rogue River Special - recieved

4. Joseph Russell - Flat Wing Steelhead Fly

5. mcgx2 - recieved

6. vicrider - Double Legs - recieved

7. crw4374 - recieved

8. artimus001 - Recieved

9. atxdiscgolfer - Krystal Skunk - recieved

10. caddisgladys - Woody Bugger - recieved

11. stabgnid - Sock eyed Charlie - recieved

12. bertgwen - Recieved

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I'm witcha man. If I were to send in what I caught literally hundreds of Lake Superior and Michigan steels on it would be a couple of rolls of yarn, some #84 Eagle Claw hooks in size 4, and maybe some instructions on how to snell a hook. I'll do ya' proud on this one tho and tie a real fly.

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vicrider I have taken some of my best on simple egg patterns, Im planning on including an extra one I tie regularly. I just have lot more fun swinging streamers. atx your in of course. CaddiGladys your in as well.

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Krystal Skunk looks like it will catch in my opinion. Steelhead tend to be pretty aggressive you stick something in there face and there going to bite it. It has similar qualities to a lot of black nosed dace flies I have seen.

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