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Fly Tying

Saying hi from Canada

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Hey all,
let's see, what are the basics here... spent my entire life in a fly tying shop and around tyers and fisherman. i hope some of it rubbed off on me. i'm 32, canadien boy. let's just get to the pictures that's really what we want isn't it? haha
i've started a youth based fly tying program here that is starting to take off (of course involves fishing outings as well)
here's some of my recent stuff (within the last week while the snows been falling) Just love the hobby and the culture of it.
if you want to reach me or check out anymore of what i'm unto, it's all fly fishing related, @flytyermiller on twitter. trying to get a fly swap going, i'll mail you a fly you mail me a fly, hasn't gone anywhere yet, but i'm putting it out there on twitter in #flytying


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No twitter account here ... but welcome to the site. I am at work, so I can't see your photos. I'll check them out once I get home.


Good luck on the mail swap thing ... and the youth program.

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Welcome FTF! Those flies are beautiful! the fish are too. There's certainly a place for you here among us.

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