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Fly Tying
Tim Shovel

Least favorite fish to catch

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Why is that ? I love catching smallmouth bass but will gladly take a carp over one any day. Carp out of a river just never give up fighting and don't tire easily . Carp out of a lake don't readily give up either but don't seem to fight as hard. Other than maybe a monster size one , trout don't compare in the fun of fighting a carp on a fly rod and most seem to worship the puny things.

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I really don't hate any fish. After writing that, however, I don't like carp. I don't like touching them (slime).


The most annoying things I have hooked on a fly were 1) a Nerodia water snake; and 2) a Red-eared slider turtle.


A few days ago on the pond a bull frog grabbed a bass popper.

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