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Fly Tying

Small Trout Flies Swap

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The idea for this swap is to tie any fly for trout of your choice as long as it is size 18 or smaller. Basic swap rules apply - tie a fly for each participant except yourself, toe tag each fly and send with return postage paid envelope. Flies are to be to the SM by the due date not shipped on the due date. I'm hoping for 12 participants. Due date of the flies would be May 1st.

SM - jfinn - Orange midge TMC 2488 size 18

  • [email protected] - size 18 Brassie Received
  • psychoprince - size TBD Two Bit Hooker
  • jd1983 - size TBD midgehammer Received
  • vicrider - size 22 generic mayfly Received
  • David HE - size 18 stimulators Received
  • DavidR - size 18 Baetis emerger Received
  • Dorado - TBD Received
  • kfin - size 18/20 ruby midge
  • green - size TBD Griffiths gnat Received
  • add147 - size 18 pheasant tail nymph Received
  • flyfishingdom - Size 22 twisted midge Received
  • joseph russell - TBD Received

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Put me in too. I'll be tying some sort of simple black midge pattern in 20 or 22.

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I'm in. Good timing since I just finished up a run of size 22 generic mayflies, golden pheasant tail, silver grey dubbing, white winged with cree hackle wrap. Was tying them for another swap down the line in the monthly swap but yours will do nicely for them.

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I'll give this one a shot! Never tied on anything less than a 12. Someone tell my what thread to use 6/0 or 8/0? I'll have to find a pattern to tie.

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