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Crappie swap

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ice is almost gone here, has me getting ready for the crappie to move in. so thought it would be a good time for a swap. all the normal swap rules apply. we will take 12 swappers plus myself so you will need to send 12 flies you will not get one of your own back. please put toe tags on your flies, any pattern will do as long as you would use it to catch crappie. I'm thinking flies due by may 8th should be plenty of time to get them done. be sure to include enough postage to get them back to you. so who's in?



mail flies to: GLoy

10004 N. 100 E.


Milford, IN. 46542


GLoy : size 12 streamer done


1: Bassbuster- panfish charlie. Rec'd


2: Stabgnid. Rec'd


3: bsoberg- tbd rec'd


4: bassbugn. Rec'd


5: Quinn NH. Rec'd


6: tidewaterfly. Rec'd


7: eastern fly. Rec'd


8: add147. Rec'd


9: MLoy. Rec'd


10: portlyjoe Rec'd


11: vicrider Rec'd


12: rich mc : mm minnow Rec'd

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ok you guys are in, welcome I said my fly was a streamer I guess its a combination of a Charlie/crappie candy/and my own thing. it has chenille body marabou tail and a little sparkle and bead chain thrown in. but it does and will catch the crappie.



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ok you are all in! welcome. we have 1 spot left. I have included my son in this swap he is trying to get registered and having a bit of trouble, he has been reading post but cannot reply until he gets confirmation email and has not received it yet. so he called me in a panic and wanted me to get him in here, I hope this is ok with you guys. there are some first time swappers here glad to have you guys, swaps are fun and can be addictive, I always look forward to getting those sets sent back to me. if you have any questions ask, there are some very experienced swappers among us also.

thanks to you all Gary

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Guest rich mc

I' ll fill the last spot if it's not for your son . my fav crappie fly is the m and m minnow rich mc

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