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Fly Tying

Lab Rat mouse step by step

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Lab Rat Recipe

Hook: Mustad 37187 (used sz 6), or Tiemco 8089, or similar stinger hook

Thread: UTC 210 white, 6/0 light pink

Foul Guard: 20lb Hard Mason

Tail: Ultra Suede

Body: Grey 2mm Craft Foam

Underbody: Pearl Sparkle Braid

Eyes: Mono Eyes, or 40lb Hard Mason melted and painted



Tie In foul Guard and superglue.



Cut tail about 2 1/2 times the hook length

Tie in tail. and lightly glue again.



Cut foam about the width of the whole hook and a about 2 hook lengths.

Round the end, this makes a tie in point and also rounds the bottom so the mouse rights itself in the water.



Tie in on the back 3rd.



Tie in and wrap sparkle braid slightly less than 1/2 way. Don't cut braid, it will continue to next section.



Cut another body piece slightly shorter than the first



Tie in body piece so it buts up over the braid. tie down and continue the braid as shown. Cut the braid.

Leave about 3 hook eyes space for the ears, head, and nose.



Fold both pieces forward forming the body and trim off to the end of the braid.



Trim the foam to round off the front. again this eases the tie in and more importantly gives the mouse a "rounded" bottom.



Tie in trying to keep the collar to a minimum.



Bottom view.



Cut and Fold over about 1 1/2 inch piece of foam and cut the ears.





Using your bodkin add a tiny spot of superglue and pinch, forming the ears. Go easy on the superglue or your fingers will be part of your mouse.



Tie in ears and trim the excess foam



Glue base of ears to body.

Cut the head as shown out of your foam.



Tie in head, glue base to ears and body. I pinch the sides of the head to stick it together.

Half hitch or whip white thread off, then form nose with the light pink thread.

Finally use bodkin to make holes for the eyes.



You can use either melted and painted hard mono or mono eyes. trim stem to about 1/8", or cut one side of the mono eyes.



Glue eyes in place with a little superglue.



I use a thin pink Sharpie to spot the ears. the fish really key in on this detail. (sarcasm) But it looks good to your friends.




Finished Lab Rat


As I stated in my other post, these can get a rise out of your significant other when strategically placed. (at your own risk of course)

Please let me know if something was not clear. This is my first step by step so go easy on me...



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I think you did a fine job on this SBS and I also like your mouse. I will tie up a couple just to see if my wife can still screeeeeem. :)

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