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Easy pattern for a mosquito

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Here is my personal opinion about "mosquito" flies.


I hear about mosquito flies and I used to carry mosquito flies. But in all honesty, mosquitos are a still water insect and do not live in streams but in the bogs and wetlands next to streams and rivers. So how do fish such as trout ever get many mosquitos to feed on? Mosquitos don't lay eggs in moving water. So I tnink any mosquito that is on moving water is there by accident. They certainly are not emerging or egg laying.


I think anglers who think the fish are feeding on mosquitos are often fooled by midges or other aquatic insects and not mosquitos. Here's what I get when I Google "fly fishing the mosquito hatch." I think mosquitos are so infrequentely eaten by trout that a specific fly the imitates a mosquito is probably taken out of curiosity or as some other food item.


There is no mosquito "hatch" to fish since they don't emerge from streams and they do not lay eggs in streams.



Ok i agree with you. I think that midge are the best solution and stillwater is the best place ;)

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I think the dry "Mosquito" patterns are very good midge imitations. I don't know for sure what a fish is thinking, but they flat out work.

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Mosquito fly patterns, what do you think they look like????? Google mosquito dry fly patterns and you will see that the typical patterns look like a variation of a mayfly pattern.




If you are fishing the patterns simlar to the ones below, my opinion is that you are fishing a mayfly pattern.









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