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Fly Tying

Pardo & CDC SBS (tutorial video)

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- CDC after cock


I prefer to hackle the cdc before the cock because i want all the fibers of cdc stay in front of the fly, using the firs turn of cock as "gate" for cdc. I hope you can understand what i mean.



'CDC stay in front of the fly'?

You wrap 3 turns of CDC hackle behind the wings and 2 in front of the wing and then wrap 2 turns of cock hackle behind the wings and 3 in front of the wings. This basically traps 2/3rd of the CDC hackle at the back of the wings.


No, I don't understand what you are trying to achieve here… smile.png



Ok you're right, but we're talking about two different things. I said that i want to put the cdc fibers in front of the fly and not in front of the wings. So i think that it's (of course) quite difficult understanding some technical tying note on the forum :) :)


No problem... thanks for your opinion! ;)

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