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Excellent Afordable Quality - GC2457BL - Down eye, 2X Heavy, 2X Wide,

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GC2457BL - Down eye, 2X Heavy, 2X Wide, 2X Short. Barbless.

Excellent Afordable Quality

It's tough to be critical in anyway of GC hooks. The quality is very good and the price in unbelievable. I recall--way back when--a time when the standard Mustad hooks were the coin of the realm in fly tying. Then along came Tiemco and turned the fly tying world upside down. I see GC hooks as being a game changer in the same manner that Tiemco was those many years ago. You get top flight quality at bargain basement prices. I would hate to think of how many flies I have tied over the past 40 years, but I can tell you the next 40 will see most of them tied on GC hooks.


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