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Fly Tying

EP Bluegill and Perch

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I just got some ep fibers and wanted to ask if anyone had any advise on tying bluegills and perch like the ones on puglisi's site or on orvis's site. I tied a bluegill and it turned out ok but not exactly what I wanted.

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There are a couple of styles of tying you can try one is "high tying" and the other is v-tying. Which will produce a wide body pattern like a sunfish.


This one is v-tied




This one is high tied




This one's also high tied with more spacing between where the material is tied in




Varying the amount and spacing of the materials you can tie various body styles.

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Guest rich mc

I cant post a photo but have tied a good bluegill pattern copying tom nixons calcasiou pigboat boat. used craft hair for the tail and bluegill colored silicone for the body

rich mc

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