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Fly Tying

June Flies from the Vice

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Sending these up with my buddies headed to the Colorado.

They like them tied on a TMC2457.






I dont suppose you have a SBS or a vid for that scud do you? Fantastic looking fly.




You’ll find the recipe on flytyingclips.com under Herman deGala.

Tie in the Coq de Leon

Tie in the melted mono eyes

Tie in D-Rib for back

Tie in the latex at the eye of the hook. Bring thread back to mono eyes

Wrap latex to behind the eyes with overlapping wraps, tie off. (place a spot of CG on the latex at the beginning to create transparency)

Tie in ostrich herl below eyes.

Use the Pott’s Weave to tie in the legs back to the eye. (http://www.charliesflyboxinc.com/flybox/details.cfm?parentID=136)

Color the scud with a marker.

Coat with Loon UV Knot Sense


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Messing around at the vise a little today and Tied up this fly . I was looking to make something that pushed water and had some sparkle for dirty water. I tied up a black one also and it came out all messed up I dropped it in my scrap bin before it was cured (to make a long story short)


Caught this little rainbow on the white one on the first test cast.





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