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First try at the 20 incher nymph

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Here is my first go at the "20 Incher" stonefly nymph pattern


Size 6 Mustad Long Curved STD/3XL

6/0 Black thread

.020 Lead-free wire

Peacock hurls / brown stone dubbing

Silver oval tinsel

Brown Goose Biots

Hungarian Partridge for legs

Pheasant tail wing casing


Let me know your thoughts and opinions! Ive tied a few more now, will post more photos after work.




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bang up looking job, from my easy chair. i could possibly offer some thought; but i would be calling the kettle black, lol. it is all really small stuff. the one thing i don't see a problem with is putting the material onto the hook.


all i see are very small details. i think that the small details that i see, you would have already identified by the last fly fly that you tied in this series. if i sit down and tie 6 flies, the last one usually is the best. all the little tweaks are figured by that time (that is all i see are little ones). i'd really like to see the later ones in the series.


what i see (and what i am just as guilty of):

-a stronger thread base for the thorax. it seems to drop just before the abdomen.

-the ribbing is uneven a bit. are there 5 turns there? if not it could be because of my next comment.

- slightly shorter abdomen.

-pick the dubbing out a touch.

-shorter legs


you have it. all it needs are a few tweaks. i'll bet it will be in the photos that you'll be posting later.


great looking fly. that would go into the water before it went into the 'to be stripped' bin for me.


aside: are the last three numbers of your name, an ONT area code? if so i can hook you up with a guide fly pattern that was developed in SW ONT that catches everything, everywhere in this province. i've caught numerous trout and smallmouth river dwellers on it.

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Fine looking fly! Using a curved hook like that I would be tempted to tye it upside-down and adjust the weight distribution so it would swim hook point up.

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