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Fly Tying

Hooks Without Eyes?

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You can tie tandem hooked flies with those hooks . Some trout hit short, it's deemed good by some folks to have a stinger hook at the rear on some streamer patterns vs a long shank hook. You need tough mono or metal braid to gap the distance between the forward and rear hook within the given pattern.. In larger sizes you can tie large trolling flies with tamdem hooks. There used to be big smelt in the northern lakes in Maine and long bucktails were common up there to duplicate the larger bait fish. Those would typically be size 8 or 6 hooks though. I'm just adding the info here. I still have a coil of the braid . I've tied them by cutting the eye off a hook to be used at the rear of such flies. With todays synthetic materials it's easy to span the length too. The last ones I tied were a Mickey Finn and a Green Ghost tratitional ties for each ( recipe materials, so real bucktail for one and feathers for the other) about 3-1/2-4" long. But these days the fish tend to hit shorter flies, actually quite whispy looking flies are better too.

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Does anyone remember the name of that English woman who tied full dress salmon flies without a vice? Beautiful flies.


Megan Boyd? She was from Scotland and did use a vise, though. There's a documentary about her, "Kiss the Water," that's available on Netfix.

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