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First try at a hopper - Chubby Chernobyl

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Hey all, as i mentioned in another post id be attempting my first hopper pattern and I decided on the Chubby Chernobyl.

I did end up tying one that night and it turned out pretty good, tonight I will tie a few more and post them hopefully they are improved

The chubby Chernobyl appealed to me because it seemed easy to tie which it is and its versatile, can imitate a stonefly, grasshopper, cricket, etc.


Heres my first one let me know what you all think, will experiment tonight with different colour legs, etc


Size 10 mustad streamer hook 4xl

8/0 Tan uni thread

Hares ear dubbing body (will go with synthetic tonight as i imagine it wont hold as much water.)

Tan 3mm foam

Pearl crystal flash tail

Mcflyfoam Wing (no polywing on hand)

Black rubber legs





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Looks good Flyguy! Nice work. My only comments would be that the wings look maybe just a tad heavy, but not bad. I would also make sure to dress that McFlyFoam heavily with floatant before you get it wet--it will absorb water otherwise. Good looking fly, should fish well.

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