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Fly Tying

7th Annual Casting for Recovery Project

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For the seventh year I am looking for 14 fly tyers to tie enough flies for one Casting for Recovery retreat. http://castingforrecovery.org/home Tyers will put together a box of flies for a participant, each with an assortment of 12 flies. As these are the fly patterns requested by Casting for Recovery Please use the ONLY the following patterns for your box: Bead-head Nymphs (sizes 10, 12); Attractor Dry Flies (sizes 8-12); Terrestrials (sizes 10, 12); Wooly Buggers (lightly weighted, sizes 6, 8); Parachute Adams (sizes 10, 12). Please tie only 12 flies so that each participant gets the same amount in their fly box. I will contact J. Stockard to see they will again provide the fly boxes. So send your flies in an Altoid's or similar container that you do not want returned. When I have 14 confirmed tyers I will send a PM with my mailing address. As in the past, when I receive a confirmation from CFR I will post a copy for tax purposes. I will select a due date when I have 14 tyers, hopefully near the middle of August.



Thanks to all of you for joining!!

1. Horseshoes - Received
2. Joseph Russell - Received

3. Flygirl - Received
4. Vicrider - Received
5. Pica - Received
6. Utyer - Received
7. Vicrider (2) - Received
8. Rockworm - Received
9. Byron Anderson - Received
10. Add147 - Received

11. Piker20 - Received
12. Troutguy - Received
13. Flytire - Received

14. djtrout - Received



Thumbnail of some of the boxes from last year.

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I'm in Bob, Just got back from a western trip, so I have plenty of time to tie.

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I'm in. You say 12. If time allows would 12 of one style and 12 of another style work? Like I said, if time allows.


Also, would you like us to identify our tie so we don't have a lot of overlap and short on something. I would do the Adams parachute by preference but any of them would work for me except terrestrial. Lots of people better at that than me.

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What I need is an assortment from each tyer. Not 12 of the same fly. 2 or 3 of each of the patterns and sizes listed in the first post. Any combination that you choose that total 12 flies. You do not have to tie all of them. You create an individual fly box for one of the participants. What we wind up with is 14 different fly boxes each one filled by one tyer.

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