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Brook Trout Favorites Swap

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This one is for all those who love chasing brookies. Whether it is a small stream or big lake, everyone has their go-to fly. Dry or wet, doesn't matter as long as it is your favorite to use when you are after brook trout.


Normal rules apply. All flies must be toe tagged with your user name. Self-addressed envelope with return postage included when you ship flies to me.


This is open to members from the U.S. or Canada. Due date will be August 15th. We will take 12 individuals all tying up a dozen flies.


1. rtangley - red tag - received

2. jfinn - parachute purple haze - received

3. green - prince nymph - received

4. fishingbobnelson - moose bi-visible - received

5. netabrookie - pt nymph variation - received

6. Tyme Keeper - brown drake - received

7. djd3mon - green wire caddis larva - received

8. kennebec12 - hare's ear variant - received

9. branden_fritzemeier_67 - 3 dollar dip - received

10. flyfishingdom - pink squirrel - received

11. DavidHE - black ant - received

12. vicrider - royal coachman - received

SM - JD1983 - yellow stimulator

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netabrookie, I'd have put you in this one even if you hadn't seen it. With a name like yours you darn well better get in.


For me I'll wait awhile and see if some people able to actually able to fish brookies get in.

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vic - go ahead and jump in if you'd like. I don't think you'll be stealing a spot away from anyone.

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