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Fly Tying

Photo samples of my first efforts............

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That's inexpensive Mike !


Spinner bait skirts is what I have used for rubber legs . In some locations they might be called Jigging Skirts. Online you can probably buy just the skirt material and it's not expensive. I bought some in a local shop that specialized in bass fishing equipment and lures, they had the skirts in several colors. Now gone out of business, the original owner sold out to go Scallop farming instead. The second owner left his wife to "man" the store but she found it more fun to service the men who "visited" the store and it went under in about one year. He came in caught her in the back room with a customer in the act and both the business and the marriage went down the drain from there ! Hey small town back then, we heard everyones business around here in those days !! But hey, I bought my first flyrod there and very first flies, a canoe too, all from the original owner. I got to know him well, he ran on a slim margin, he told me he might as well work at McDonalds for what he earned from the store. Now it's a dog grooming salon. Oh well. Why am I saying all this stuff ? Because I'm getting cafeinated at 6 am that's why !! LOl !

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Mike Chell put me onto http://www.flytyersdungeon.com/. I ordered a number of things from them and have already received everything! Their prices are very good as are the products. I'll be doing more business with them in the future. Oh yeah, I have enough leg material to last for a long, long time now. I ordered the medium and small size, be advised, the small is real small, almost crochet thread size.

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