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With the unofficial end of Summer, this Labor Day Weekend, it's time to think about Fall Steelies. First 12 with "I'm in" Any Steelhead pattern you want to tie, Classic, Stingers, Tube Flies, Articulated, Spey, any size, any type, original patterns welcome. International swappers with PayPal welcome. Due Date October 16th

1. Eastern Fly - Black Nosed Dace - Received
2. Vicrider - Double Legs + Lazer Dub Slime Egg - Received
3. Branden Fritzmeier 67 - Dropped Out
4.​ Horseshoes - Grease ​Liner - Received
5. Bruce Derington - Steelhead Hammer Nymph - Received
6. RogueFlies - Rogue River Altoid Variant - Received
7. Stabgnid - Blue Hot Comet - Received

8. Rstout - Rusty Rat - Received
9. Joseph Russell - Mark's Prism - Received
10. WITroutbum - ​Skykomish Sunrise or Purple Prince Nymph
11. Old Hat - Orange Fade - Received
12. Jburge - October Caddis - Received
SM. Winter's Hope - Done



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I'm in again. Will go through my steel ass't. and make a decision then. Will probably do a "fly" and an egg.

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If you want to put my other tie down it's going to be a Double Legs. It's primarily a sea trout tie but with a little bit brighter Ice Dubbing in two colors I think it's looks like something I'd happily tie on if I ever got back up to the North Shore. The egg is going to be the Lazer Dub slime egg on a heavy hook with a colored brass bead the in center of hook the dub will flow over. Similar ones took a lot of fish up north for us and the only problem with the fancier ones like I'm tying versus the basic ones we did up north is it hurts more when you loose it on the second drift.


Skykomish Sunrise be a pretty tie thereWI Troutbum. I'm assuming if you're WI you fish that driftless area that most people claim has no trout, just a few spotted dace. Too late...the secret's out. I fished that area a lot YEARS ago and then also spent a lot of time fishing Lake Superior streams on the peninsula between Ashland and Bayfield. Folks lived right past the Sioux River and just in from Hwy. 13.

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