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Electric bow motors

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Talk about a confusing topic dry.gif


I've spent countless hours of research on the available models and the findings are as confusing as the selection.


Numerous phone calls and digging up info hardly narrowed the search. I believe I did manage to settle on a brand, mostly do to owning 3 of them in my days. Minn Kota ended up at the top, but the options are once again endless. Just for better durability and the remote chance it will see salt, I'm convinced the salt-water series will serve me better.


Here's the kicker... Have any of you used the Autopilot edition? My past experiences on "helm-mounted" autopilots are marginal at best. They wouldn't hold a course for shit, compared to the "below deck mounted" high end units. Can I expect better from a bow-mount kicker? I see most of the units on the Redfish Trail and flatsboats using the plain ole tiller models. Would I waste my hard earned coin on these fancy contraptions?

They even went a step farther and added a rod/wrist/belt control that is wireless to control these critters at an additional 160 bucks.


Oh, this unit will go on a 17 1/2' Center Counsel


Any input is much appreciated

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