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$25,000 worth of equipment stolen from Wounded Warriors!

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This guy called our shop last week to see if we could help recover his stolen items. Pretty sad that someone would have done this, especially since it belonged to such a good group of people. I doubt these were fisherman that did this, so please keep your eyes peeled for bulk sales of these items! I believe this particular group is based out of Sacramento California.

From what I could gather, it sounds like most of the rods had names on them.

Here is the link to the news article for those interested: http://fox40.com/2015/11/25/thousands-in-fly-fishing-equipment-stolen-from-wounded-warriors/

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More Info here:




Further down the above thread, this info is listed:


If you would like to help us replenish the equipment that was stolen, please contact us at [email protected] Phone us at 916-205-6073 or go to our website: www.horseshoebarpreserve.com/ww where you can make a Tax deductable donation. Horseshoe Bar Preserve Inc. is a 501-3C organization. Our 501-C3 number is 27-4671121."

Thomas G.M. Bartos
President & Founder
Horseshoe Bar Preserve, Inc.

P.S. They will also accept any and all fly rods, reels, lines, flyboxes with/without flies, waders, etc. as long as it is in usable shape and serviceable. (No dinged up rods or worn-out waders, frayed lines) Help them out if you can!

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