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Fly Tying
In Pursuit of Trout

Some recent flies

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Been taking a break from tying monster articulated streamers and I"m enjoying it. Part box filling, part r&d, part custom orders.



Rainbow Warrior using Veevus Thread, Veevus Tinsel, and Jack M's Rainbow Warrior (dark) dubbing then Loon Flourescing UV Clear over the top.



Black stone using stonefly tails, d rib, and the new Flymen Stonefly heads- this looks large but is only a size 10 or 12. I tie black and golden stones from a 4-12




Caddis Pupa using Syndicate fly Fishing hook + tungsten bead
Veevus tinsel underbody, Hareline Micro tubing over body and then uv2 black caddis dubbing by spirit river- again coated with Loon Flourescing Clear resin

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Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inpursuitoftrout/

Website: www.inpursuitoftrout.com



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