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Fly boxes and vises

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Also, I have a certain distaste for my Peak rotary vise. It has been okay, but I never liked the handle for clamping hooks or the jaws themselves (I currently have a broke pin going through it, but have been making due). I've been eyeballing the regal vises, but I have yet to go find somewhere that will let me play with their vises to see what I may like. My desk can't use a clamp style, but do any of you guys use something like the Oasis benches with a clamp style? Do you like it? Got some picks? I also want one with a slightly longer shaft than the peak, and have the vise jaws extend past the base like the regal appears to be.


Welcome back to tying. I'm a newer tier myself and shopped good and hard for a vise. I too didn't want a clamp vise and went to a pedestal version and I did choose the Regal. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. They're not inexpensive but but my kids, kids will be using it one day. I just started tying midge patterns and may look into the midge head for mine. I picked up the Medallion Traditional Head Bronze Pocket Base model. I've tied flies from bigger woolly buggers to size 18 zebra midges and it's a rock solid vise. What I like most is that since I'm not a production tier. I may switch hook sizes often and there's no adjustments needed. The hooks are in the jaws so tight they'll bend or break before slipping out. Do I sound like a happy customer? I am one!

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The vest patch keeps me from putting wet flies back in the box. I put 'em on the patch, and in a few minutes they're gone. No fly, no wet, no problem.

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