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salty skill building no.1 - the clouser minnow

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RichMc has agreed to be a surrogate SM. When you're done with your flies, let us both know and We'll get his address to you. Means that postage is cheaper and easier for everyone involved. Thanks heaps Rich!


OK. .. it's the evening of 2 January 2016... I've spent the day repairing my trailer instead of fishing.... what better time to kick off this one...


Saltwater skill building swap number 1.


CLOUSER MINNOW - last date to be in the mail 31 January.


Tie any version of the clouser minnow. Whether it's a straight out replication of Bob Clouser's original, or an anorexic high tie for spooky fish on the flats. .. the choice is yours.


This is primarily a saltwater swap, so if we can make #4's the smallest that would be great.


Mailing date will be 31 January 2016. This means I should get the ties around the 2nd week in February.


I would like to see 10 participants plus me, with everyone tying 10 flies. You won't get yours back. If we can't get 10 we'll sort something out.


This isn't a swap club so there is no commitment to have to participate in all of these swaps. Otherwise, all the usual rules apply.


SM - Li'lDave: high tie flats style peach clouser #1/0 (maybe something a little 'special' as well) - RECEIVED

1. Agn54 - RECEIVED

2. Josephcsilvia - shrimp clouser - RECEIVED


4. Philly - RECEIVED

5. Adam saarinen - upsidedown spring shrimp with salty balls - RECEIVED

6. Rexw - RECEIVED

*7. RichMc - wool and satin clouser - DONE

8. Jmckaughan - regular clouser - RECEIVED

9. stabgnid - flashy clouser - RECEIVED

10. jd1983 - gotcha - RECEIVED


Please respond with I'm in... everyone welcome. Those i have already added I hope that's OK. .. i just went by your responses in the original thread.

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Is there a shrimp clouser?

Yes, its similar to normal shrimp patterns but tied like a clouser sometimes the thread wraps on the belly color are dubbed with a chenille. It has eyes and antenna. I love fishing them on the flats.

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Ok! I'm in with a shrimp clouser too! Same address? I'll visit forex!

I though you might like that for them sea trout over there Adam! these shrimp closures have a great action when either working the bottom or fleeing! look forward to seeing your creation.

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K. Everyone so far is in. I guess I'll let you play again Adam, and great to have you Rich.


just to reiterate. Any clouser style fly, so this includes gotchas, crazy charlies etc.



three more players please :)

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