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Fly Tying

Chadwick 477 yarn substitute for Frank Sawyers "Killer Bug"

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i have 10 (TEN) bags of berroco ultra alpaca fine yarn #1214 steel cut oats dye lot 7A1142 yarn to give away.


i have not measured the amount of yarn in the bag but you can be assured of enough yarn to tie hundreds of frank sawyers "killer bug" or whatever creation you come up with. some bags will contain 1 piece of yarn while others will contain multiple pieces knotted together (try unraveling a skein of yarn into 1 piece)


heres what the berroco yarn looks like






well i guess your not the generous person that might send him some


If you are asking or implying whether I am obligated or want to fulfill an offer you made and no longer can fulfill, nope.


I think pointing him to a full skein of a rare yarn is generous enough. I suggest he jump on it before it is all gone.

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The local yarn stores here are bereft of both Berroco or Jamieson's, so I opted with Patons Classic Wool Worsted, #00229 "Natural Mix". According to this 411 I found on the Web, it's somewhat close to everything else, but...




it's more towards Tan than Pink, but it was cheap (especially with the 40% off Michael's coupon) and readily available. I also use a Prismacolor 'Sand' colored marker & dab it lightly around the finished fly.


The finished product looks close enough to me...



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I don't understand the friction here. Do some searching and ye shall find. It took me all of 2 minutes to find this.


This vendor has our Steel Cut Oats color in Ultra Alpaca (6214), Ultra Alpaca Light (4214) but are out of the Ultra Alpaca Fine (1214). No problem, get the Lite and pull a strand out. We aren't knitting sweaters we are tying flies that go in the water and get chomped by fish.


They have 3 left in the Light:



Another color that is a very popular 477 substitute, and some pro tyers think it is even better that the Berroco Steel Cut Oats, is Shetland Spindrift #290 Oyster. It's also much more readily available than the Berroco.


Hope everyone can have fun after they stock up on Killer Bug yarn!


These folks have the Oyster:



A parallel thread on this same subject and this one gets pretty detailed:


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In the Berroco yarns, there is difference in the yarn makeup between the different weights/names of the yarns, %of wool+%of Alpaco+%of nylon- the Chadwicks had nylon iirc.

The difference between these materials may make a difference in how they reflect light when wet, or might not have any effect in the eye of a fish. The dry color may or may not be similar to the wet color.


When I read Sawyer's book back in the '70s, I had no idea what the yarn he used looked like and tied a number of bugs with whatever gray wool yarn I could get that resembled his vague description of color- they caught fish for years before I learned that yarn was wrong, as matter of fact I had also tied some bugs with tan and pink and dark gray wool that worked. I always had the notion that Frank used a common yarn from his wife's basket and only took note of the # and color when he started selling the flies or for publication purposes.

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