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Stocking a bass and panfish fly box suggestions

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Ok guys I searched a little ways back and didnt find exactly what I was looking for.


I am trying to build a well stocked bass and panfish fly box I'd like about 20 patterns for each covering the water column and size ranges.


If everyone can put in thier .02 with a pattern or two or more for each that would be great and this would be a great reference for other warm water tiers.


If a pattern you use doesnt have a name how about a picture and material list!


Lets get as many as we can so we can pick from the list I will update front page with for each species bass or panfish with a list of pattern names for quick reference.


Bass flies.


Double xl bomber

Morrish mouse

Deer hair frog

The bass vampire

Woolly bugger

Clouser minnow

Deadhead minnow

Dahlberg diver


Rabbit strip streamer




Panfish flies.


Fluffy popper

Panfish attractor

Foam hopper

Floating ant


Soda can minnow

Woolly bugger

Clouser minnow

Foam panfish spider

Foam predator

Squirmy worm

Panfish charlie


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You've got streamers covered, Joseph. That's the only thing I use exclusively for bass. I fish panfish flies and catch a good share of bass with those. Although, with my latest rod from Steve, that's likely to change.

Here's a list of my flies that I tie up for panfish.

Fluffy popper



Panfish Attractor (my go to pattern)



Copied foam hopper



Floating ant



Newest floater ... the katydid



And a rising star in my box ... soda can minnow


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Size 8 foam panfish spider

Size 8 foam predator

Closer minnows size 6 to 1/0

Deadhead Minnow size 5/0 to 4

Dahlberg divers

Squirmy worm for panfish

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Can't forget a crayfish pattern and a rabbit strip streamer.


My favorite fly I got out of Fly Tyer magazine a number of years ago. It's based on a Crazy Charlie. Let it drift into a root ball and the smallies love em.


Here is a link of a tutorial I did. http://tippecanoeflyfishers.proboards.com/thread/1603/panfish-charlie

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Here's a few in pics

I use mainly dragonfly damselfly patternspost-25820-0-45508500-1452302982_thumb.jpg

Little 10-14 for gills


Big size 6 or 8 for bass one floater one heavy sinker


Midsize works for both big gills and bass


Favorite bass bugger


Assorted panfish goodies


Something to try out this spring works good in the salt haven't tried it on bass yet



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Nice, really like that panfish Charlie!


In streams it's easy to fish. Just let it dead drift into root balls, undercuts, and rocks. Any place that looks fishy.


Fishing it in ponds and lakes strip it like it's trying to get way from something. I only tie it in size 10.

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