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Fly Tying

Stocking a bass and panfish fly box suggestions

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A pattern for trout, but in small forest and farm ponds, especially clear water, a stayner ducktail has been killer! In short, random strips, mostly to sighted fish. Smaller for bluegill and up to about sz2, if you can find large flank feather, for bass.

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For bass

You probably could get away with Woolly Buggers and nothing else. Just have a good mix of colors.

Dahlberg diver if you like to work on top.

I've always liked a Whitlock Eelworm in purple.


Most subsurface bass patterns will also catch Northerns, Pickerel and Walleye, too.


For Panfish


Bluegill,etc will hit just about anything. Back in the day I'd just get those cheap poppers they'd sell at gas stations and use them. I couldn't tie them cheaper. if 'gills are on the redds, pattern choice doesn't matter. They'll attack anything that comes through the spawning ground.

Crappie are a bit tougher, but anything white should do.

You would be amazed at how well light yellow deer hair, spun and clipped to the shape of a corn kernel will work.

A buddy of mine made a fly out of yellow, orange and white spun deer hair and clipped to look like candy corn and used it as a joke for Bluegills. Worked pretty good.

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