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Fly Tying

Muddler Minnow calf tail substitutions

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Below are a couple of good articles on Muddler Minnows.


I could not find a recipe that called for calf tail anywhere. I often substitute Russian squirrel, fox, coyote or badger or any long stiff fur that suits my needs. Calf tail would work if you want it.


Gray squirrel, bucktail, deer body hair and turkey was the standard.








Charlie's sbs states that he uses calf tail for the extra volume it affords. http://www.charliesflyboxinc.com/flybox/details.cfm?parentID=54

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I like a woodchuck guard hair wing and no tail. Leave the underfur at the base of the wing.


Here's a favorite


Tie in a dyed grizzly marabou by the tip so the tip forms a tail hook gap long. I like dyed olive marabou.


Twist the marabou feather to form a rope, and wind forward to mid shank. Tie off and trim.


Tie in an underwing of grey squirrel tail. Flank with the tips of two dyed marabou feathers.


Tie deer hair head.


Jay Buchner pattern


I tie a slight variation. I tie a color of a grizzly hackle dyed olive. Then do the head with black ram's wool. It sinks easier.

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