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Fly Tying

Help!! Name This Fly

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ok guys I got this fly in a lot of equipment I bought of craigslist, This thing looks awesome in the water and I want to make a run of them myself, I am not as good at deconstructing a fly as some guys on here so if someone knows what this is called so I can find a pattern that would be amazing,


heres what I can tell you (this is only my guess from what I see)


tail is marabou tied in at bend with flash.


the body is either some type of shimmer dub or palmer chenile, ribbed with red tinsel


the wing is marabou and flash


the collar appears to be barred soft hackle


cone head


hook appears to be a 2x or 3x long #4?


any ideas??





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I have seen a very similar fly called the autumn offender, also one called lil kim...that said it could be someone messing around at the vise like us.

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I haven't seen that one yet, but interested and may try a few w/ a trailing hook. Thanks for the vid...



Np its a great fly, a little bit of a pain to cast but awesome movement

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