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A note to all about the trading floor

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I have been noticing a trend more & more lately guys. That trend is for people to start conversations/replies to people selling items in the trading floor. I've noticed it with other peoples for sale postings as well as a few of my latest for sale ones as well. Lets please keep in mind that this is the trading floor, its simply a forum for people offering items for sale to members here. It's great that people want to talk about things but please try to keep that to the other forums and not in here.


When someone is selling an item they really don't want to see a bunch of replies when the people replying are not interested in the item at all. There are times when the person selling an item only has a few minutes to check and see if anyone was asking a question, only to have to wade through five or six replies just to see it's just people chatting. If someone posts an item and you are interested in it then by all means reply to that person or ask questions. If you are not interested in it then please don't make replies to the post, it just clogs things up and takes the post way off track.


Thank you

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