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Fly Tying

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One very minor thing from the second video...around the 1:00 mark, he remarks that the higher grade indicates more "barbs on the stem". This, at least according to Whiting, isn't the case. The feather quality is the same, but there are simply more feathers on pelts of higher grades.


The one exception to this (maybe) could be the non-"medal" grades, like the "Tyers Grade" stuff. Anything that comes in bronze, silver, or gold, though, has the same barb density.


In my own experience, this seems to hold true, with my (one) gold saddle having the same feather quality as my (many) bronze saddles, but there are definitely more feathers on it.

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Life sure was simpler when i was just crawling around on the neighbors lawn at night, flashlight in hand, coaxing nightcrawlers out of holes, lol.


Now you can use that flashlight for a Snipe hunt so you can tie the original version of the Snipe and Purple.rolleyes.gif

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