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Fly Tying

You're invited on a "One Fly" fishing contest

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Well, not really a contest. Here's the scenario. 12 of us are getting on a bus heading to a trout stream in anywhere USA. No one knows the name or type of stream with these exceptions. It has safe wading throughout it's length. It has a lot of mixed water with pockets to 6-8', nice tailing riffles, slick pools, small falls, both rocks and undercut banks. The water is well supplied with fish, native brook trout, brown trout, and stocked and carryover with some spawning rainbows. The minnows in creek are primarily sculpin, chubs, some redside dace, and the ever present young of year natives


Here's what's allowed with your one fly. Fly dope (float and sink), different tippets, split shot, scissors, small pliers.


Here's what none of us know. Even though this is in mid June we don't know present water temps. We are told water will be clear but not what if any hatches or present. Here's the challenge. You pick before you get on the bus "ONE FLY". Unlike true one fly tournaments you are allowed different sizes and backups for this fly but no pattern differences.


What are you gonna bring?


Everyone knows the swap rules or damn well should by now so I won't bore you but would love to get everyone's choice as to what they're going in to this contest with (but don't tell us). Would like 12 tiers to get in this and to richen the pot I'll do a spin the wheel at end of swap and put some dubbing and congo hair in lucky draws, plus an item or two for participating. Who knows, if I win the lottery I might just invite you all on this dream trip (oh right, you have to buy a ticket to win).


Nick Szabo

PO Box 361

Cheyenne, OK



Tentative date will be late June if we fill quickly...


SM Vicrider................done

1. Psychoprince.........received

2. Joseph..................received

3. Jolly Red...............received

4. Dubs.....................received

5. Ihangten................received

6. muskyhunter..........received

7. stabngid................received

8. PJ2........................received

9. FishingBob............received

10. Crackleback.........received

11. Breambuster........received

12. Troutguy..............received

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its a fantasy trip not a real one


pick that one fly that would work the best for that fantasy situation above and thats the "one fly" you'll be tying for the swap

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I thought I was done with swaps but this sounds interesting.


Im in.


Are we supposed to declare our fly?

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Answer to two questions. NO NO, don't tell or picture your fly. It's hailing on my steel roof right now. Quite loud but no tornado sirens yet. Joe, we'll tie the usual twelve if we fill the slots, which looks good right now to do that.


Flytire, how about joining us in a rare swap and I'll push everyone to be one time. If they miss the bus when we load they just can find their own way to the stream.


Something to keep in mind while you're doing your thinking. Not to influence but keep in mind we are allowing scissors and you can have some split shot with.

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sorry not this trip. i'll wait to see how long it takes for flies to leave the river

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