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Fly Tying
Gary Madore

As Promised: Tying Bench Plans

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In response to a couple of requests I put some drawings and some more photos of my tying bench up on my website. If anybody wants to use 'em please feel free....


Brewer: Thanks for the compliment in response to someone's request for plans.


>>> Tying Bench Plans <<<


Anyway, there it is.


Now, after having discovered the option to display more historical threads (wow: I can look back farther than 30 days?) and seeing Orivs' masterpiece I am going to have to start on Bench #3 soon! Your bench is pure artwork Orvis... I mean it's beautiful. Wow. I want one.... bugeyes.gif


Gotta go: There's a Pheasant Tail to be tied....





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Hey Gary, looks like you designed and built a solid, portable, good looking fly tying station, thanks for sharing the plans.


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biggrin.gif Excellent! laugh.gif


I'm making plans to use your plans on plans of my own???


uh... I'm gonna do something like that too! This looks great.

You might want to consider the edge product that you can iron on for your edges... you might have to trim them, but it might be less work in then end... certainly not as messy as paint and such.


Thanks for the plans, and the great pictures!!!


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