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Fly Tying

where do YOU start?

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Preseason like most I am filling in what I need to replace or try something new I saw (usually online of course). During the season it's much of the same but I also start tying for specific areas or a purpose to try and overcome something I ran into while fishing. Trying to fish more of the county park this year to get to know it better. Can be a tough place to fish or find fish willing to bite. Snagging bottom is a real problem due to the type of rock bottom through out most of the park, the rock is jagged. Flies that ride hook up are better than those that don't but hook eyes snag the rock surface too. Subsurface flies account for far more fish than top water flies. So far an unweighted muddler on a floating line with a fluoro leader & tippet has been working. I don't normally tie muddler's as I don't care for working with deer hair, so I had to tie a bunch up. Other times it's just tying something to represent local prey items and still other times it's just tying because I am bored.

I actually like tying Muddlers but it has to be on my terms. I hate tying Muddlers when I've run out and that's what the fish are on and I'm pressured to get more done!! And worse, when they are size 12. Maybe next winter will be the one where I tie many Muddlers in the most popular sizes that we fish ( I have to tie for myself and my wife) and actually get ahead of the game on Muddlers .


Incidentally, I've been working on a variation where the tailing fibers are not two pieces of turkey as in the original tie. Red squirrel seems decent, the fish don't seem to mind that. But I'm tired of my muddlers getting beat up and a tail feather gets broken off , then the fish do care. So I'm experimenting to see what I can get away with.

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