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Fisheating Creek

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I camped on Fishingeating Creek in the 90's. The campground was undeveloped at that time. No one "owned" it, there were no facilities, it was quiet and beautiful. Then someone bought the place. I took Wife there once, to show her where I'd seen the wild boar, and caught my first Bowfin ... but they wouldn't even let us in to look around.


Where were you when you took that picture?

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This was a couple miles west of the campground. We usually head west from Palmdale 4-6 miles, (by water), to camp. Sometimes in early fall we'll head east to avoid hunters.


1998 was when the state started managing the campground.


It's a nice place now. They have shuttles that take paddlers up creek/west 6 miles and you can pretty much float back to the campground.


We do wilderness camping and it's only $2 per person a day.

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Me and the paw-in law spent Sunday fishing the eastern section of the creek and out to fisheating bay. FWC is still busy clearing the creek west of 27 from hurricane Irma.


The morning began with a couple deer watching us slowly idle out towards lake o. We had a strong breeze blowing most of the day. It was blowing the opposite direction than the current, so boat control was actually pretty easy considering how much water was flowing. I threw the fly some, but the hassle of obstacles on the deck of my jon boat proved too much. The dark creek bass were voraciously nailing propped topwater plugs all day. For some reason I didn't take any fish pictures, but about a dozen bass were landed from 15-20 inches.


After a creek bank, shade tree lunch, we pushed back west towards Sheridan bend. This eastern section is nowhere near as beautiful as the western, but still a piece of untouched Florida. A group of turkeys scurried away before I could get the phone out. Then, before heading back to the ramp a young fawn popped his head out of the high grass a few feet from us. It was a nice end to the day.







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Thanks Bimini.


I meant to bring a beach towel to lay out but I forgot. It didn't help that I had a transom mount trolling motor, (with bracket), mounted in my bow mount. Also a battery and gator clamps beside it on the deck. It didn't matter though, I had the conventional rods rigged up and had a blast. The fish seemed overly aggressive and I witnessed some awesome explosions. Hopefully we can get back to the area west of hwy. 27 soon.

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