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Fly Tying

Jamal GT from Singapore

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hi, I am Jamal GT from Singapore. the only fresh water fishing spot we have are resevoir. The only fish take fly and bait are peacock bass and toman. No other. there are legal ground to fish. other area we will be fined. using life bait? get fined also.

So I usually head for saltwater, no more playing with fly rod because I was hit by stroke and my left hand can't be lifted. I am left handed. So I used spinning set to cast a fly. Now I usually play bait fish on a jetty and use it to catch big fish. In 2003 I was a champ catching 5-6 big fishes in 2 hours. But now the fish getting smarter, They pull the line and if they sense any tension they let it go. So I never get any fish now.

last 3 years I always hire a boat in malaysia to fish. But now I can't stand on a boat due to my stroke.

formerly my job is electronic technician. now I can't walk much so I left my job. my other interest is photography, I submitted to National Geographic but they want a vertical picture to put on their front page. So enjoy fishing...................cheers.

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Welcome to the site, Jamal. Already feel I know you, from all the other posts you've done. But you've never mentioned the stroke before. Sorry to hear. Good to hear that you're still active. Good luck catching more fish.

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