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Fly Tying
Mike West

Zara Spook "Walk the Dog" Fly..?

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I've played around with this for years with deer hair and never really came up with a pattern I was happy with. Almost had it a few times but not quite.


Lately I came across these two things and it got me to thinking again and playing around.

http://looper-flies.mybigcommerce.com/spook-fly/ .......... Is this you Cream?




And I found this by TheCream



I started out with these for now. Going to do some Deer Hair once I have it figured out.











TheCream Please Chime in on this picture



One benefit so far is I figured out this problem messing around with all of this.

I can get it to sink up to the eyes now with the legs hanging down.


I'm trying/working on a Fred H (Donlee) Frog, I just have it shaped backasswards here but I'll figure it out.






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I have the upmost respect for the guys that go to so much effort to tie a plug. For me its just too much effort when I can use an actual plug that will definitely float right and fish true. The flies that Kirk Dietrich tied up and posted here a couple years ago walk the dog great but use dubbing brush for tail and body.

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My 1st try at a deer hair one. Haven't water tested it yet and I didn't get the hair packed as tight as I would like especially around the jointed area but I think it came out alright. Next ones will be better if this one works.

Used an Allen B200 #6 and a Gamakatsu SL45 #12 for the stinger.

Hard to tell from the pics but for the belly I used white and grey deer hair mixed together before spun. Has a nice molted effect.





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What did you spun the hair on for the section between the hooks?

I think it looks pretty good as it is. Then again, my deer hair work... Well...

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