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WiFi enabled memory cards

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I just recently came across information on WiFi enabled SD cards to allow older cameras

to download images wirelessly to a smart phone.


I am more interested in the ability to download from the SD card to my computer. I also

recently looked at the Olympus TG-4 which is advertised as WiFi enabled - but it only

transfers to an I-phone or Android device using a special app for the phone.


Does anyone have experience with these new SD cards transferring to a computer?

And if so, is the storage space on the SD card recovered after download or, does the

card require re-formatting to regain the memory space?

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I have never used a wifi memory card but a few of my friends have them.They can be tricky to set up.Some of the cards only transfer to smart phones and you have to have the app downloaded on the phone.Some of the wifi cards will only let you view the photos on your computer and not let you download them.Others will let you view or download the photos.Make sure you are buying the card that does what you are wanting it to do.All the cards operate on the cameras battery and can drain them if used frequently.All the cards will have to be formatted just like a normal memory card.Downloading the photos to a device does not delete them from the card.Just use the camera menu to format them.Always a good idea to format a memory card on a regular basis anyway.


Alot of the new cameras have built in wifi.I have a canon 6d that has a great wifi function but i have never used it to send photos to my computer.I have used it to enable my smartphone to operate the camera as a remote shutter release.I can set the camera on a tripod and set back using my phone and snap photos or change camera settings.I can use the smartphone as the viewfinder and see the photos i am taking live on the phone screen.I can also use the phone as a hard drive for the cameras photos.You could also use a tablet instead of a smartphone and have a larger screen to view the images on as you take them.


I am not to familiar with the Olympus TG-4 but looks like a good camera.Waterproof and wifi.It also has a 1/4 inch macro focus distance which would be great for taking photos of flies.If it only transfers to an iphone or android you can probably connect the phone to the computer using itunes wifi.It makes the connection with a usb cable but once connected you no longer need the cable and can send photos and files directly to the computer using the phones wifi.Send the photos from the camera to the phone then use the phones wifi to send them to the computer.The Olympus has a great price for what it does.A heck of a lot cheaper than my canon was.

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Thanks for the information Kentuckysteve...


I am not interested in transferring images to a phone at all, my phone

doesn't support any of these apps.


You did fill in the gaps for me - I guess for what I am doing, I just have

to either make a cable connection to the camera or, remove the SD card

and transfer the images.


For times when I am on vacation and want to view/download I guess a tablet

would work - from what I have seen, the current crop of SD cards each has

far more memory capacity than inexpensive tablets. I will have to check to

see if some of these android tablets allow transfer to a memory stick

(for back-up on the go).

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Thanks for the heads-up, Cold. I have pretty much decided that these puppies are not for

me - I guess they might be ok if one were interested in quick transfer to a cell phone so,

you can keep your friends up-to-the-minute with your daily drama on social media.


I guess I will look to see if there might be an 'on-the-go' device to archive from the SD

cards without the need for a computer (like when I am on vacation and not carrying a

computer with me).

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Thanks Cold, I was quickly coming to the same conclusion. I will start looking for good prices

on high capacity SD cards.

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