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Fly Tying

Back from Northern Ontario

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I've been back for a week, just took some time to get myself organized. Went north hoping to escape the heat and humidity of Philly. It didn't happen. It was hot and dead calm for most of the week. Lake temperatures ranged from 74 in the deeper parts of the lake to the low 80's in the shallower bays and coves we frequented in search of smallies. Air temps were in the low to mid 90's most of the week. We keep track of what we catch I ended up landing 80 smallmouth for the week,probably lost that many to jumps or trying to lift them into the boat rather than netting them. Only landed a dozen or so on the fly rod. Most were in the 13 to 15 inch range though I did pick up a 17 1/2" in and a 16 1/2" on the fly rod. It was not a good week for fly fishing or tossing lures. Figure the water was just too warm. I caught the majority of my bass on a slip bobber rigged with a circle hook and baited with either a leech or night crawler. Three pike all on top water lures, biggest was 24 inches. Lost a bigger one when it hit my fly right at the boat and instead of letting it run I clamped down on the line. We only spent a couple of hours each evening fishing for walleye. Caught about 2 dozen of them on jigs or a slip bobber rig.

Some pictures. I just realized I took more scenary pictures than fish pictures

Two of the bass I caught on my fly rod.






Some views of the lake







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Good pictures ... nice tale. 80 fish is a fair week, and those two fly rod catches look like bruisers ... fun on a fly rod.

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Sounded like fun man! Did you keep any walleye, those taste VERY good!



btw, those pics of the sun belong on the front of a fishing magazine!



Glad you had fun :)

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