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Fly Tying

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Not sure what you mean by adding a rib and twisting the barbs.


Adding a rib - Use wire (or anything you like) to rib the body.


Twisting the barbs - after you tie in the barbs, before you wrap the barbs around the hook shaft, twist the barbs. More twist = tighter body. Less twist = fluffier body.


Take a look at the flytier's post above and his link. It shows both effects.



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To go all out -- try using some whispy sparkle dubbing on the thread for a couple inches, then make a dubbing loop with the same segment and insert the marabou fibers of choice sparsely along that loop, and twist together. Wind up to the hook to tie off point, You get a a tapered marabou body with some subtle flash on the inner body. Mix the maaibou colors -- say black and purple -- for other effects.


Its a borrowed concept from Western steelhead patterns that combine as many as three or four different materials in the same dubbing loop.



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