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Fly Tying
Mike West

Stacked Deer Hair Bass Swap..

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Had an other thread going checking to see the interest in this and got enough interest to host it.

Here is the deal:
We will leave it open to 12 tiers if we don't get 12 we will go with what we have.
All tiers tie 6 flies you get 6 back, I'll be tying also of course so you don't get your own back.
The reason I'm going with 6 is because these flies are involved,time consuming and can be expensive to tie. If the group as a whole wants to tie the standard 12 that's fine with me.

The only rule is:
1. Has to be a Stacked Deer Hair Bass Bug with a Weed Guard. Bass bugs are useless without a weed guard.
Or tied Weedless IE: Bendback or Clouser Style.
It can be a Top Water or a Bottom Bouncing/Subsurface design.

And yes I'm going to fish mine.(hence the weed guard requirement) I don't care how pretty they are...they are not going to set on the mantle or desk with me,well at least not until I catch at least one fish with it and then maybe I'll retire it.

They can be any size or pattern they don't have to be the same...in other words all 6 flies can be different. You don't have to tie 6 of the same thing.

If that's how it goes what I will do is pick one set of 6 flies, pick one fly and have all the names in a hat, pull a name and that person gets that fly until we are done with that tier..ect.

If you can tie a decent stacked deer hair bass bug please join. Don't be shy because of some of the talent here. Just give it your best effort. It's all about fun,sharing and learning.

Standard Fly Swap Rules Apply.

Due Date is: 10-1-2016.....is that long enough?
Please be prompt.

Edit: Just a side note I'm good for 12 or I'll do the 6 and throw in some hand shaped cork/foam poppers in as some bonus flies.

You know what I don't like about these swaps? Hardly anyone ever posts what they got...I'll be taking pictures and posting every entry.

Edit: Closing this off at 6 tiers @6 flies each 8-26-2016
Unless someone just really wants to get in over the 6 count and everyone else agrees to tie an extra one or two.
Swap Meister: Mike West

1. josephcsylvia _6...Received
2. jjs89yj _6...Received
3. eastern fly_6...Received
4. Crackleback _ 6....Received
5. vicente_6_Received
6. essequamvideri _6...Received

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Im in, but you lost me on the whole 6 or 12 thing lol

Great...well you just agree to tie either 6 or 12 and we will see where it goes.

Everyone that joins has to agree to tie 12 or then it will just drop to the 6.

If we get 10 tiers that say I'll do 12 and then the last two say I'll do 6...then it's 6 for everyone not 12..make sense?

So how many you in for?

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I'm not a great hair bug tier, but if you'll have me i'll give it a spin.

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You two sound like my wife when I ask "where do you want to eat?" and she says "I don't care" and then every place I mentioned she doesn't want to go there.

I'm putting you both down for 12 then...and if one person that wants to join only wants to do 6 then you will only be committed to 6.


Thank you both for jumping in..this is going to be fun

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I'm in I'd rather not do dozen buy if that's what everyone else wants to do and we get twice people I'll it

Your in..Thank you

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