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Fly Tying

Need to get Better at ...

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Hey Flats ok here goes.


Tripod, or something to hold your camera still


Atleast 2 lights but 3 is better. (One front left, one front right, third above in front.


Macro setting if avail on camera.


Auto white balance if avail.


If you have ability to change aperture shoot at f8


Solid color background


Crop tight on fly after photo if macro not avail.

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Depends on your camera. But I take mine with an inexpensive digital.


1) Bright light. Multiple lights if possible, like Joseph said.

2) Don't get too close if you don't have the "flower" close up setting.

3) Get a good clear picture on the viewer if you have one. Digital enlargement often works much better than trying to get a close up, so make sure you're getting a clear picture, from whatever distance you need to be.

4) Use the photo editing software to crop and size the picture.

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