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Fly Tying

Texas Fly Fishing Expo - Grapevine, Texas

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I'll be there helping with the casting classes.


Yes, there are several great tyers that will be there, including Kelly Gallop, who has a presentation on tying the "sex dungeon" fly, Pat Cohen and Mike George, a couple of deer hair experts, Fred Haynie and Mike Murphey, tying realistic flies, Kyle Hand, tying full dress salmon flies, and many other fly tyers.


For casting instruction, a half dozen IFFF master casting instructors and another dozen IFFF certified instructors will be leading three days of casting classes.


Come out and join us. It's going to be a great weekend!

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I'll be there Friday and Saturday, taking the Intermediate class on Saturday and doing the BBQ on Friday night. Hope to see you there add147, and Rex, I know I will see you there.



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Starts on Thursday? What kind of deal is that!

I'm 200 miles away but would love to go... Shooting for late Fri. & Sat. then.


Anyone know when Cohen is going to be there? Didn't see him mentioned in the link.

That's about the only reason I would go .

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