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Fly Tying

Breast Cancer Awareness Swap

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Yes they did provide the fly boxes. I have already thanked them several times and promised I would send them pictures of the flies in the boxes as soon as I get them done. I am going try and get this all done and sent to Casting for Recovery tomorrow or Friday.

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OK Everyone! The flies went out this morning straight to a retreat in Arkansas/Texas on Oct 28th-30th. I sent J. Stockard another thank you and pictures of the flies. Since they were not sent to the "Casting for Recovery" corporate office in Vermont, I also sent them the pictures and a thank you for what they do. Attached is the picture I took with all the flies in the boxes. Two of the flies wouldn't fit in the boxes so I placed them in a separate box and sent them that way. They are the two in front of the fly boxes in the picture.


I want to personally thank everyone for doing this swap (donation) as this is the first one I have hosted. Everything was very smooth and all flies got here right on time.


As I was wrting this message, I just received an email from Wendy at the Casting for Recovery (posted below)


"Hi Rob,


OMG!!! These flies are gorgeous!!! We are so grateful that you are thinking of us and the women we serve. With the inaugural SE Regional Retreat there are so many parts that need to be organized. Susan was so happy to hear that flies wouldn't be something that needed to be obtained for the women.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!






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It was a privilege to participate! My ex-mother-in-law lost her battle with breast canccer. God bless her soul. It was sad to see her go through what she had to go through. My daughter was really hurt with her passing. I hate to see any family go through any cancer diagnosis. It SUCKS!!!

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